it's Time to go Fishing !!

Northern Pike

Caught in Oak Orchard River. Point Breeze, NY


This Niagara River Musky was caught by my 11 year old son First Cast of the Morning!


Caught in Islamorada Florida

Florida Keys

Bridge Fishing

Oak Orchard River

The River known for Salmon and Trout are also perfect Habitat for Big Pike, I am trying to prove it holds Muskies as well.

Striped Bass

Plymouth Mass. on this day in Aug 2021 my Wife Terah and my Son Jake both had their first Battle with Stiped Bass.

Small Mouth Bass

Niagara River Holds Big 6-7 Pound Bass, They Fight like a Musky!

Niagara River

Late October Bass

Conesus Lake, NY

Sometimes it's just too Hot to Fish!

We Release

Especially in Hot weather we handle Big Fish with care, getting them back in the water as quickly as possible, hooks are often cut rather than doing damage to the fish, just like you'd take a hook out if it were stuck in you! Big fish are also held Horizontally, hanging a fish Vertical can kill the fish, sometimes not right away but usually within a hour or less they will be floating.

Tiger Musky

My Son, Jake Jackson

Toothy Tiger

Nice Tiger Musky from Otisco Lake.

Caught in Spring of 2021 on a Chaos Tackle Kodiak Glide Bait

Our Testing Pond

Our pond is well stocked for testing equipment.

My son Jake 13, is becoming a Knowledgeable Fisherman.

Chamuont Bay


Wife Terah

Terah Likes Bass Fishing, Olcott, NY.

Granny J

80 years old, My Mom

Lake Erie

Walleye's grow faster in Lake Erie than any other water.


Atlantic Ocean Plymouth Mass.

Lake Ontario

Sheep Head

St Lawrence


Ice Fishing

Glenwood Lake. Medina, NY

Channel Cat

Caught two 24" on night crawler Oak Orchard River Point Breeze, NY. They like the warmer water with muddy bottom, especially heads underwater structures.

Erie Canal

Jake Fishing in the Erie Canal with his Granny