Ham Radio


Yaesu FT-817ND

My QRP Mobile Station

The Yaesu FT-817ND is powerful enough! I've Been Making Contacts Every time I get in my Tacoma since I've installed it the week before Christmas!

I had doubts on making any contacts at all !!

This Little radio is perfect for install in my Toyota Tacoma. It wedges into the space with no MODS at all, I can still easily take it out in the field too, The Moodnraker antenna will unscrew from base and in middle for easy storage inside truck or to take in field, I'm goin to make a tripod with counterpoise for easy deploy.

I also have on order an adapter for the BCN Front antenna output for VHF/UHF operation. I can contact my local repeaters as well as the 9050 IRLP Repeater in Eden NY that is 50 Miles away with only 5 watts power.

I've always Been Impressed by This Little Radio!

40 Meter Moonraker

Mobile Antenna

I made a good choice with the 40M Moonraker, My LDG 817 tuner will tune it up on 10m & 20m also. The antenna is about 8' tall. Easily tuned perfectly on 40 meters. I was so Surprised on my first drive to make a 40 meter contact fist try!!

Ham Radio can be Neccesary for a serious outdoorsman