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FM 1625 WT

50 HP Command Thrust

I am Roger Jackson, was Born in Medina, NY in 1961 Grew up fishing and camping on the Oak Orchard river, the love of outdoors lead me to discover many different Oceans, lakes and Tributary's. My Son Jake Also Loves Fishing and Outdoors. My Father Paul J. Jackson was From Ghent Minnesota, Taught Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Motorcycling and How to Fix Nearly Anything! Now it is My Turn to Teach My Son Everything I Know or Everything I Possibly Can. My Dad Always Said...Someday You're Going to Wonder How I Learned so Much in Such a Short Time, Well Now I am Wondering. He Had no Internet to do Research, Only Books and What was Passed on From His Fore Fathers. When I was a Young Boy I anxiously Awaited for the Next Monthly Copies of Fur Fish & Game and Field and Stream to Come in The Mail! Nowadays it's a Finger Click on YouTube!

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